What is
the RØDE Difference?

From the very beginning RØDE was created to be a company of difference.

At a time when the only recording solutions available to artists and engineers were either incredibly expensive or generally poor quality, RØDE set out to change the status quo, offering world class recording tools for everyone.

Almost 20 years later and still here in Sydney, Australia, we know that RØDE manufactures some of the world's very best microphones, regardless of price.

And for the first time, we'd love to show you how - click the arrows to learn The RØDE Difference...

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Our Precision makes
The RØDE Difference.

We turn high-grade brass into beautiful art... The art of condenser microphones.

- Peter Freedman, RØDE
A handful of grey-haired, highly-trained engineers in pristine lab coats, tirelessly hand-crafting every microphone in between quiet cups of tea...

While some companies would have you believe that this is how they 'hand make' microphones, the reality isn't nearly as glamorous. Instead, 'hand-made' usually means 'assembled by poorly paid and generally unskilled process workers'.

And now The RØDE Difference. First: one of our core principles is to always be a technology leader. That means using the most advanced machinery to build our high quality products. Our continual pursuit of excellence through innovation results in products that last a lifetime, with each one a nanometre-exact replica of the other. These are concepts that other manufacturers simply cannot achieve using primitive manual processes.

There are very few premium manufacturers in Europe and the USA who understand this, and they generally outsource these components of manufacturing, making their products even more expensive.

Which leads to the second facet of RØDE’s precision difference: having the technology in-house dramatically lowers our cost without sacrificing quality. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant, in Sydney Australia, is a unique combination of specially commissioned machinery that may have otherwise found a home in a leading German automotive manufacturer or one of Switzerland's finest watchmakers. We've adapted this technology to sculpt the best raw materials into the world's best microphones. That's The RØDE difference.

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Our Passion makes
The RØDE Difference.
RØDE Web Developer Mark McKernan performing with his band Daysend A RØDE Product Development meeting in progress in Sydney RØDE International Sales Manager Ben Sweeney with his band Maude Peter Freedman interviews one of his personal idols, Alan Parsons, for RØDE TV During the day you'll find Switchblade drummer Mat Piccolotto responding to RØDE customer support enquiries

We have some very clever people here at RØDE, but what we really look for in our employees is passion.

- Peter Freedman, RØDE
Here at RØDE we recognise that to make the very best microphones you need to live and breathe audio, and this shared creative vision drives our team every day.

Peter Freedman, RØDE's founder and company president: “Growing up I was always around sound and my earliest memories are being surrounded by recording and audio equipment, as well as live performances in the early 1960s. We have some very clever people here at RØDE, but what we really look for in our employees is passion. I’d rather have someone working for us who sees a career in audio as their dream, who comes to work every day seeing it as an opportunity to do something great, and empower millions of like-minded creative people.”

The working environment at RØDE is quite different to what you'd expect of a company of our size and international reputation. Rather than wearing uniforms and sitting in generic cubicles while we work, we maintain a casual, social atmosphere that fosters the creativity that drives us. There's a myriad of musical instruments around every corner; many RØDE team members are active musicians.

Our Product Development team interacts with world-renowned musicians, engineers, producers and filmmakers on a daily basis, ensuring that the products we bring to market are the very best they can be. That's The RØDE Difference.

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Our Community makes
The RØDE Difference.

We don't have a huge budget, so it's awesome to find a quality product that inexpensive.

- Aaron Ruiz, Aaron & Andrew
The RØDE family consists of over 10,000 online artists (and counting!) performing over 100,000 tracks that easily combine to over 100 million views!

YouTube superstars like Jeremy Passion, Alexa Goddard, Maddi Jane and Sungha Jung have used our microphones since the start of their careers, and their success has inspired countless others to trust their vocal and instrumental talents to microphones like the RØDE NT1-A, NT2-A, NT4 and K2.

The video playlist above provides a quick snapshot of how some of the online community's biggest and most talented stars are using RØDE microphones to make incredible music, loved by millions around the world.

Millions of creative experiences all joined by a common thread - RØDE Microphones. That's The RØDE Difference.

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Our Value makes
The RØDE Difference.
The RØDE VideoMic Pro The RØDE NT2-A Studio Solution Package RØDE Studio Microphones

Thank you RØDE, for creating truly fabulous pro-audio products at down-to-earth prices..

- Paul, USA
We're the good guys, leveraging our investments in manufacturing and economies of scale to bring you mics that perform better than those at several times the price.

We bring our products to the market in both an ethical and environmentally conscious way.

RØDE was conceived as a brand that would make high quality recording equipment accessible to more than just 'the chosen few'. It doesn't just make us feel good, it's good business sense. This kind of focus doesn't just happen though - it required a huge investment and a lot of risk for the company in its formative years. Another reason why RØDE isn't just another cookie-cutter manufacturer.

The creation of the NT1 and NT2 microphones was a huge gamble for our company. We figured that if we made them in significantly large quantities we would be able to offer them at an incredible price. If these two industry-leading microphones didn't sell the company would have been in a tough place. Thankfully, history has shown that we were in the right place at the right time, and made the right choice in automation to be able to offer you the best microphone at the best price. That's the RØDE difference.

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Our Support makes
The RØDE Difference.
10 Year Warranty Servicing a RØDE microphone The RØDE M1 - with lifetime warranty

This is unheard of customer service. Maybe it's just the way Australians do business.

- Tom Dunn, USA
We realise that a company lives and dies by its commitment to customers. That's why we're proud to offer the industry's very best customer support and product warranties.

We are the only microphone manufacturer to offer a 5 to 10 year warranty across our entire range of products. This level of confidence pleasantly surprises many customers, but for us it's simply a reflection of the quality of our design and manufacturing. We know we can offer a 10 year warranty because we are confident that our microphones will last a lifetime, thanks to the meticulous manufacturing process that only RØDE employs. You won't find any bad solders caused by an overworked, underpaid plant worker on our products!

When you buy a RØDE microphone you are also buying our product service guarantee - our customer support teams are available around the clock to provide insight on pre-sales questions, technical support on product issues, and even general recording advice.

Peace of mind that your investment is protected by a skilled team of customer service professionals for many years to come. That's The RØDE Difference.

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That's the RØDE Difference.

Now you know the difference. It's in everything we do here at RØDE, and in that respect we stand alone.

Phonte, of Grammy nominated duo The Foreign Exchange, sums it up perfectly:

“As independent artists running our own company, we look to RØDE not only for their stellar microphones but also as a model of how business should be done: Make a great, affordable product, stand behind it, and treat every client like gold. Their craftsmanship made us fans, but their service made us loyal customers.”